Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

For the emerging verbal skills/limited attention span 1 year old

Grace loves everything about this book. At 15 months, she is just starting to show an interest in books beyond eating them or just flipping the pages. This book only has 2-5 words per page which is perfect for her developing, yet limited, attention span. Inside the front and back covers are many hearts and the caterpillar is ‘hiding’ among them – it thrills her to find the caterpillar! The book is on the smaller side which makes it easy to bring along in the car and enjoy during outings.

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What We’re Loving

February 1, 2019

I hope the weather is warmer where you live — it’s freezing here in VA! I grew up here and I don’t remember it ever being this cold. While I typically stand by the “there is no inappropriate weather, only inappropriate clothing,” it has been just about impossible to get the kids outside. Preschool has been cancelled or delayed and we are all itching to get some fresh air!

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