Research shows we speak at least 7,000 words each day, with many reports saying women speak closer to 20,000! While we can’t make our children behave, eat, or sleep, we do have power over our words. Our words can guide, empower, and motivate our children to comply with our directions. Our words can also make our jobs as parents much more challenging.

My first year of teaching, my mentor saw a child running in the hallway, and instead of saying “don’t run” she said “walk.”  While they mean the same thing, the nuanced difference between “don’t run” and “walk” opened my eyes and ears to the impact words have on our children.  The words we use, and the words we don’t, have an unbelievable impact on our children’s behavior.

This love of language + the gift of patience from my dad, have given me the ability to enjoy my children more.  I’m excited to share what works — most of the time — for me and my kids.  Being a parent is the toughest job in the world; we’re all in this together.