Traveling With A Toddler? Bring Lots of Snacks

Snack Ideas for Traveling with Toddlers

We took a trip over the 4th of July out west. It was great to escape the humidity of the east coast and feel rejuvenated by the mountain air.

In the picture, Grace took my chair and I took a minute to stretch my legs. Flying with a child under 2 really is a great deal, even though you end up having a 27 lb human on your lap for 4 hours. But playing musical chairs helps!

I was much more worried about flying with 20 month old Grace on a 4 hour flight than 3 year old Keener. Grace is only interested in screen time for about 10 minutes…. So how did I keep a 20 month old entertained for 4 hours? Food! And many other ideas for how to keep those little hands busy on a post to come!

The number one essential? A 7 day pill container: built in toy and snack container.

I wrote a post back in March, Traveling Treats, that talked about using a pill container as a visual way of tracking time. Again, this container came in incredibly handy for Grace on these 4 hour flights. I would fill it with a variety of the snacks below and she loved picking which one to open (and close, and open and close, as this age group loves to do with lids!)

A word of caution: if you use these pill containers for your own medicine, I would not suggest using them with your child as a toy. Please use your judgement as to whether this is appropriate for your child and always keep medicines out of reach of children. As an alternative for yourself, get one with a lock such as this one:

Plane Snacks

I brought lots and lots of snacks. I typically try and give my kids healthy food but, there is a time a place for everything. A few of the snacks are highlighted but the complete list of what I packed is below:

This Kashi cereal was a great plane snack. I found it a few weeks ago and it has been a big hit with both kids. Like so many of our other snacks, it fit perfectly in the pill container. I am not a nutritionist but it seems like a pretty healthy snack to me. I also like eating it dry as a snack with the kids. Given Keener’s peanut allergy, I read labels now more than ever. Once peanuts are ruled out, I tend to look mostly at sugar and protein; sugar was 7g and protein was 2g per serving.

Both kids love these freeze dried yogurt melts! I buy all different brands but these Happy Baby are only 4 grams of sugar for 22 pieces. They are sweet and have much less sugar than the fruit snacks that were also packed (Welches have 11 grams per pouch).

Sometimes hard to find in small quantities, Dum Dums are another hit. (Grab a few extra next time you are at the bank!) They are 11 grams of sugar for 3 so only 3.7 grams per lollipop. Not only are they delicious, they help children have a few quiet moments. They also can help children with ear pain caused by air pressure on an airplane. One downside is they can be a bit messy. Grace was a bit of a sticky mess after hers so bringing extra wipes was essential. I used to use a small refillable container but now I travel with a full pack and find myself using them for just about everything (tissues, face wipe, hand wipe, cleaning up messes, etc.)

Even though both of my kids are well over 10+ months which is the recommended age, they both still enjoy these “cookies.” While they don’t have any protein, they also only have 1 gram of sugar per cookie.

A complete list of our snacks

  • Gold Fish
  • Kashi Honey Cinnamon cereal
  • Graham crackers
  • Raisins
  • Trader Joes animal crackers
  • Fruit/veggie pouches (they will let you bring these through security!)
  • Yogurt pouches (found non refrigerated ones at Target)
  • Dried fruit (apples are not as messy as strawberries and raspberries)
  • Dum Dums
  • Baby cookies
  • Fruit snacks
  • Yogurt melts

Both of my kids love milk so I always travel with it. The drink/snack cart does not always have milk but by bringing our own sippy cup, we can at least refill the cup with water after the milk is consumed. At security, TSA will make you open the lid but they only hold a test strip above it for a few seconds and then you can put the lid back on.

While I have yet to find a truly leak/spill proof sippy cup, these have held strong for over 2 years and are just starting to need to be replaced. What is also nice is then we have at least 2 cups with us wherever we are headed. They only have 3 parts so washing them out isn’t too much of a pain (compared to some of the cups with way too many parts!)

That’s all for now! I have lots of ideas for helpful travel items and ideas for the 18-24 month age group coming up next.

Please note, affiliate links are included in this post. All products are ones I have purchased and recommend.


  1. Arrowroot cookies are…🙌🏻 I swear they’re like the old Girl Scout trefoils. As always, thanks for the tips calmchaos!

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