Stopping Potty Talk

You’re A Poo Poo Head

Keener’s potty talk game is strong right now. I don’t have any brothers and while I know some little girls also are enthralled with such talk, my sister was not. While my mom claims I briefly engaged in such antics, I am still treading foreign waters with all of this current poo poo chatter.

I do know that the more attention I draw to it, the worse it gets. It evokes a similar frustration as the 12-18 month old throwing food from the high chair shenanigans. The more I react, the more food gets thrown.

I have resorted to my tried and true strategy of helping Keener find a more appropriate time and place to engage in the behavior. It’s a work in progress as we brainstorm more places where he can use those words, as the list of places he can’t is rather long. So far, we have come up with the following places where he can use “bathroom words.”

1. In the bathroom

2. In his bed when he is alone

3. In the car — for the 5 seconds its takes to walk from Grace’s side to his side to get him out

4. Any place, as long as he puts his hand in front of his mouth and whispers them so no one else can hear them *which developed when we were at the grocery store yesterday afternoon

When I hear him using the words, I calmly say, Are you in the bathroom? We use those words in the bathroom. If a bathroom is nearby, I will offer him the opportunity to go in there (in order for him to utter those words). If not, just asking him if he is in the bathroom typically stops the “pee pee or poo poo head” banter. If he really needs to get them out, we developed the plan of covering his mouth and saying them so only he could hear. I explained to him that I don’t want to hear those words so he needs to say them quietly, using his hand to cover his mouth.

And believe it or not, so far the plan is working pretty well.  At dinner the other night, he was constantly saying “I’m going to pee pee on the floor. You’re a poo poo. I’m going to poo poo on the tree.” Instead of asking him to stop saying those words, I simply turned to him and said, Would you like to go to the bathroom and continue using those words or use other words and stay at the table with us?

He chose to go the bathroom.  He ran to the bathroom, spent about 10 seconds saying all of the pee pees and poo poos to his little heart’s desire, and then he came running back to the table and did not utter another pee pee or poo poo.

No one was frustrated and everyone got exactly what they wanted. I’d call that a poo poo head win.

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