Being Strong, Balanced Women

I didn’t know International Women’s Day was a “thing,” but I can totally jump on the bandwagon.

Looking at the slogan #balanceforbetter, I know it is in reference to gender equality. However, I also view it as a mantra to live by each day. That is where Calm Chaos originated from – finding, and focusing on, the calm, in spite of or amid the actual chaos.

When I am able to find balance – emotionally, mentally, and physically – I am at my best. But finding that balance is the hard part. Often, my solution is creating it. Sometimes, I start holding a plank while playing with my kids. And that might be my only exercise for the day. Other moments, I stop and take 2-3 intentional deep, slow breaths to create a moment of clear headspace. It might only be 10 seconds, but it feels like a gift. To only pay attention to my breath for those 10 seconds is rejuvenating and allows me to deal with the next chaotic moment with increased clarity.

A few years ago, I brought a mindfulness program to 2nd and 3rd graders at my school. While it has yet to develop into my daily routine, I absolutely loved learning about mindfulness. With all of the thinking I do about modeling for kids and leading by example, it only makes sense that I have a toolkit for myself of ways to find peace, mindfulness, and balance.

Mindfulness is one way we might change our inner dialogue. And by changing the way we talk to and think about ourselves, in turn, we will improve our dialogue with our children. I look forward to exploring how we can develop into even stronger, mindful, balanced women.

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