Establish a Consistent Wake Time for Predictable Sleep

Schedules/Routines Sleep Tip 1

My friend went to see a sleep therapist since she was having trouble sleeping. She was waking up in the middle of the night and not because her kids were awake. While the therapist gave her many tips and research based suggestions, one recommendation stood out to me. The therapist told her she had to go to bed at the same time every night (10:00) and wake up at the same time every morning (6:00). This would allow her body to reset from old, bad habits and help her develop a new cycle of sleeping 8 hours a night.

This same principle applies to children, as well. Keeping our kids on a set schedule for naps and bedtime allows them to fall into a predictable schedule. For the first nine months I was a total stickler for waking my kids up at the same time every morning. I woke them up more often than I didn’t. While it always feels criminal to “wake a sleeping baby,” I knew that having a consistent start time each day was the only way for the rest of the day to take shape.

Take away? Choose a start time and stay with it. Keep in mind, this will impact bedtime and nap times, as well. However, the start time is what sets the next 24 hours in motion.

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