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February 15, 2019



Now that Gracie is walking, we have reentered the world of dresses. That being said, she gets Play-Doh, marker, and yogurt all over her on a daily basis; I can’t justify spending too much on her day to day clothes. I took a chance on these dresses from Amazon ($12.90), one in pink and one in gray, and I love them. I bought 18 months, she is 15 months, and they fit well. But with free returns, it’s easy to try different sizes and send back what doesn’t fit.



Both kids enjoy these books. I keep them on the kitchen table to help the kids learn to “wait.” One of my expectations for Keener is that he stays at the table until everyone is finished eating. These books allow his hands and mind to be occupied while others are finishing their last bites. If I want him to be at the table – not using too loud of a voice or using his fork as a chainsaw – I have to remember to provide him with things he can do. These are the perfect size and he can “read” them to himself.

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