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February 8, 2019



Grace (almost 15 months) has been really into stickers this week. I found these round Valentine’s stickers on Amazon. They are not the highest quality in that they say “Made in China” on each one, however, for $.01 each, they provide incredible fine motor practice and will definitely make cute Valentines. It has been fascinating to watch her fine motor skills develop. It wasn’t long ago that she was only eating stickers — now she is exploring the sticky side and figuring out how to get each one to stay on the paper. This has been a good reminder to circle back to activities that may have been too challenging, even a few weeks before.

Nasal Aspirator/Snot Sucker

Thankfully, we haven’t been using this too much this week, however, I have recommended it to enough friends that I wanted to make sure to share it here.  We started with the Nose Frida which, can we all admit, just looks wrong. I know the snot doesn’t go in your mouth, however, I just needed to try something else. I’m really glad I did. While this is still gross in that you have to wash out the snot, at least your mouth is not involved!


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