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February 1, 2019

I hope the weather is warmer where you live — it’s freezing here in VA! I grew up here and I don’t remember it ever being this cold. While I typically stand by the “there is no inappropriate weather, only inappropriate clothing,” it has been just about impossible to get the kids outside. Preschool has been cancelled or delayed and we are all itching to get some fresh air!

Construction Silverware


This week, Keener has been loving his construction silverware – no surprise there! Another great Christmas gift from my sister, the bulldozer spoon, fork, and pusher have made meal time more fun for him. While I can’t guarantee the fork will make your children eat their vegetables, Keener appears more motivated to eat when using them. I’ve also talked to some friends about toddlers reverting and wanting to be “fed like a baby” — these should definitely help foster independence!

Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You


Like most 2 year olds, Keener loves his books. Beyond all of the research highlighting the benefits of reading aloud to children, it is also a great time to work on shared decision making. Depending on how many books we are reading that night, Keener will pick some and I will pick at least one. While I love that he chooses the ones he loves, I want to expose him to the ones I love, and make sure he knows he doesn’t get his way 100% of the time. While I have numerous favorite children’s authors, Nancy Tillman is way up there on my list.  Almost everyone receives at a shower The Night You Were Born, but my absolute favorite is Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You. It is just beautiful and I have a hard time reading it without getting choked up. Another current favorite is the one Keener is holding, You’re Here For A Reason which also warms the heart. The illustrations are gorgeous and the message couldn’t be better.


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  1. You are amazing. I love the positive ways you suggest to deal with toddler behavior. Please keep posting- I can’t get enough!

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