1. I tried this yesterday with Eric and he was more engaged and better behaved! Along with meeting him where he was emotionally it made for a super enjoyable day. Everyone wins! 🙂

    • Good Job! J/k I really think this strategy works with children at any age! It could potentially work with spouses or any relationships. Might as well practice this everywhere…how did you feel once you completed this insightful blog?

  2. Katie M, I think you are right! I’m learning myself that many of the tactics we use with children work with older kids and adults as well. I felt motivated to write again next week! 😉

  3. GranJakey is all over this. I too have been a “Good Job” man, now the questions and interactions begin.

    • It’s a tough habit to break! Just being aware of how many times I say it has been a helpful first step. Those precious boys of yours will love the questions! Sometimes their answers are absolutely hysterical and not what you would expect 🙂

  4. So excited for your blog to grow. This is valuable information to use with teenagers too. They are so focused on their phones that having meaningful conversation is a challenge. Definitely sharing this with friends❤️

    • Thank you Lyn! Technology has definitely impacted the way we communicate. While it’s great and helps us stay in touch from afar, it definitely has hindered face to face interaction. Thanks for getting my wheels turning about a new entry 🙂

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