Sometimes, my son brushes my daughter’s hair with a dustpan brush.  Yes, that is disgusting.  Almost as disgusting as my daughter putting my husband’s cell phone in her mouth, which, according to scientists at the University of Arizona, carries 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

My kids are far from perfect and I don’t do everything right. But I do have some ideas on how to keep the peace, avoid tantrums, and enjoy being with children.  I think that learning to use the right language is one of the keys to fostering a better relationship with your young children.

I plan to post an entry every Wednesday – something that may help you get through to the weekend.  The initial focus is on parent language – what to say and what not to say.  Let’s be real, that’s the only part we can actually control.  We can’t MAKE our children eat, sleep, or speak.  By focusing on our own language and mindset, we can model, give them the tools they need, and guide them to make the choices we would like to see and hear.



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